Vinyl Fence Installation in Fremont

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Residential vinyl Fences offer homeowners a low maintenance option to fencing. Since it is a fabricated material, it has less chance to sag and stretch. As a vinyl fence contractor, we offter eco-friendly residential fence solutions in and around Fremont.

One of the best features of vinyl fencing is that its easy to clean.  When you have light dirt buildup on your vinyl fence, simply use a garden hose to wash it off.  If you have heavier dirt buildup or some staining, some light pressure washing will often take care of the problem areas restoring your fence to near new appearance. 

Vinyl Fence Fremont CA

Design and Style

When design and style are of importance, vinyl fencing can deliver for you home. In the last few years, there have been many additions to expand the vinyl fence design and color palette.

When installing your vinyl fence, there are several height choices and layout options. Of the residential vinyl fence options, it is most common to find full wall privacy fencing in the backyard where people often desire more privacy.  However, it is common for people to choose vinyl picket fencing in the front yard.  A vinyl picket fence allows your home to remain the center-point of your homes curb appeal. The vinyl picket fence also allows you to feel secure with your pet or child in the yard without fear of them wandering off.

Eco-Friendly Option

Like our trex composite fencing, vinyl fencing offers an eco-friendly option for your residential fence replacement.  Vinyl fencing will last at least twice as long as wood fencing products which reduces the amount of wood used to fence your home and reduces the material that will be put in the landfill.  Finally, it reduces the amount of trees cut down to produce fence materials.  When you want the confidence of being eco-friendly, while replacing your home’s fence, call Fence Company of Fremont so we can get you a FREE quote on you vinyl fence installation. 

Plan Your Vinyl Fence Install Today!

Give the pros at Fence Company of Fremont a call today at 341-888-7199.  We will come to your home and show you our vinyl fence options. We’ll measure your fencing area and provide you with a detailed quote for whatever products you are interested in so you can be an informed consumer. We will schedule your fencing project so you can see just how simple it is to work with us!  

No matter if you live in Fremont, Union City, Hayward, Pleasanton, San Leandro, Oakland or anywhere in Alameda County, you will find no better fence contractor than Fence Company of Fremont.