Privacy Fence Installation in Fremont, CA

Wood Privacy Fences

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Fencing Pros of Fremont installs and/or replaces privacy fences in your home's yard and will instantly add a polished look to your home. We are the top rated fence contractor in the Fremont area.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is the most commonly installed privacy fences for homes.  There are several reasons for this.  First, Cedar naturally repels bugs and insects, making it a great option for outdoor landscaping material.  Second, it is light-weight, which means over time it is less susceptible to sagging. Together, these benefits make it a great choice for residential privacy fencing.

There are several popular designs used with cedar fencing, including horizontal pickets, board on board, pallet fence look, good neighbor and cap and rail to name a few. Cedar fencing provides a rugged, natural look to the landscape of your backyard or home.

Pressure-Treated Pine

The next material commonly used for residential privacy fencing is pressure treated pine.  As pine is milled, it is submerged in a copper solution and subjected to very high pressures saturating the wood fibers with the copper solution. 

This process gives pressure treated pine fences a great quality.  The copper solution allows them to repel bugs and also delays the wood decay process, helping the pine wood last many more years than it wood naturally. Like its cedar counterpart, treated pine is used for just bout every fence design.

Wood Fence Design Trends

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Wood fencing has taken on a new level for design in conjunction home landscapes. Many people are choosing to spend a little more, when it means they can add to their homes curb appeal, add to their home value, and create a beautiful landscape.

We have several ways to fashion your special residential fence. We can use pictures of fences you like to help fashion the design you like.  We also have pictures from fence designs we love that can be combined to create a fence uniquely designed for your property. Your privacy fence creates a picture frame for your home from the curb, and it sets the stage for your backyard respite. Fence Company of Fremont loves to create custom designed privacy fences, and would love to do that for you!

An Eco-Friendly Fence Option

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Today, we have a lot at stake besides design, style and price. As stewards of our planet, we must consider what options are eco-friendly. Fence Company of Fremont has solutions for an eco-friendly fence.

Introducing Trex Composite Fencing

Trex Composite fencing is the best of both worlds. Not only do you have the look of a wood privacy fence, but also the peace of mind that you are helping the environment  Trex Composite fencing is a composite material that will last at least twice as long as the traditional wood fence. This means, that in the time you would need two fences installed, you would have only one.  This saves overall fencing material, reduces landfill material, and reduces the number of trees cut down. 

Trex Composite Fences also afford the homeowner an easy to clean fence as well. Similar to vinyl fencing, Trex Composite fencing can be washed down with a garden hose for light duty dirt buildup. When things become more serious, a light power washing often will do the trick.  

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